Last Tuesday was the fall kick-off meeting and luncheon for the Greenville Music Teachers’ Association (GMTA), a great opportunity to see some familiar faces and make some new acquaintances. The highlight of the morning was a panel discussion amongst area teachers from Furman, Bob Jones U, Stone Academy, and private studios. Each gave his or her perspective on attracting and retaining students and being sensitive to various learning styles.

The most valuable thing I was reminded of was this (from Dr. Peter Davis): teachers must work to accommodate each students’ learning style, be it visual or aural or kinesthetic or whatever, but we can never pigeon-hole a student and assume that there is one magical method to teach him every concept. Humans defy easy categorization, and I think that’s  a great thing.

From my own experience, I know that a good teacher has different ways of approaching the same concept, and is constantly watching his student to see which ones bring progress. Teaching is communicating, and the methods of communication are limitless — a challenge that I think makes this occupation incredibly exciting.

Looking forward to October’s GMTA meeting!