Plantinga: Engaging God's World (cover)I just finished reading Cornelius Plantinga’s Engaging God’s World: A Christion Vision of Faith, Learning and Living (Eerdmans, 2002). Since I teach at a Bible college, I resonated with many of his remarks aimed at students of Christian colleges. Here are some of them:

“Your calling [in college] is to prepare for further calling, and to do so in a Christian college community that cares as much about the kind of person you are becoming as what kind of job you will eventually get, and as much about how you will do your job as about which job you do.” (115)

[Quoting Joseph Hall]: “The homeliest service that we doe in an honest calling, though it be but to plow, or digge, if done in obedience, and conscience of God’s Commandement, is crowned with an ample reward; whereas the best workes for their kinde (preaching, praying, offering Evangelicall sacrifices) if without respect of God’s injunction and glory, are loaded with curses. God loveth adverbs; and cares not how good, but how well.” (121)

“…it’s a huge mistake to suppose you can get truly educated by floating downstream in a Christian college. An education is something you have to achieve; it’s almost something you have to win. I mean that a seasoned Christian approach to the world and human life requires a real struggle with alternative approaches.” (124-125).