“…technological societies tend to produce people who are fascinated with means and forget the ends. We’re more interested in the capacities of the technologies that we have… We get tools [first] and then say, ‘What can we do with these?'”

— Ken Myers, in this interview at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

It’s good advice for anybody who creates stuff: artists, composers and arrangers, teachers, and [especially] anyone who dares to craft a PowerPoint presentation. Technologies, techniques, and innovations are great when they accomplish something useful, and do it well. Otherwise, they’re just interesting.

To take it a step further, we as humans tend to trade a good end for a means whenever we get the chance. Consider the Carson quote I posted a few days ago: it’s easy (though not excusable) to start a theological education with the goal of knowing God, loving him more, and serving him better, only to become infatuated with theological study itself.